Today began with waking.

I awoke to laziness and a desire to make lists instead of work.

I rode a bus into Chinatown, and tried to convince the person sitting next to me that I didn’t exist.

I bought a bun for breakfast at a bakery, and talked about family with an older Chinese woman.

On the bus back I was still unsure of my existence.

I went to the apartment of a former friend, and found our friendship/amicability hadn’t gone away.  So we made pizza.

I baked cupcakes afterwards.

I cleaned the kitchen.

I took above-mentioned cupcakes to a friend for an Unbirthday Surprise Party.  She was surprised.

I came back to my apartment and washed dishes.

Today is good.

Today is gone.

Goodnight dear Internet Wanderer.  I hope your days begin with waking.


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