So Close

Life is coming.  It is coming so fast, it will be here in a blink.  It is nearly close enough to touch.

I am not sure how to face it.  Does it warrant a smile or a frown?  Perhaps I’m supposed to look seriously at it?

Sigh.  No idea.  I only know that I will have to face it when it comes.  Maybe it’s friendly?

I think I shall welcome it when it comes, I shall welcome life.  I have been waiting and preparing for Life for many years now.  I am quite excited for it.  Yet it is frightening.  Exhilarating, yet oh so scary.  What am I supposed to do?  What am I supposed to BE?  Should I have answers to the many questions swirling through my head?  Who am I supposed to listen to?  Who will be next to me?  Who can I trust?  Should I only worry about myself?  Should I try to put others in my life?  Should I try to keep them there?  Where am I going to live?  Where the heck am I going to get rent money from?  What jobs should I apply to?  What jobs would I be good at other than what I do?

Oh well.  Hello Life *waves arms* I see you coming.  Take your time coming, quickly or slowly.  Conserve your energy for once you’re here.  In the words of Conrad Birdie, we’ve got a lot of living to do.


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