Fred and Ginger

I was rather sick.

Last night, that is.  So I did what any sensible sick person does, filled my cup with water (hydration is key) and settled down to enjoy the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers marathon gracing Turner Classic Movies.

That was when I saw the bicycling and psycho-analyzing scene, and realized something rather trivial, but mind opening nonetheless.

I’m assuming the hat means that Ginger didn’t need peripheral vision to ride her bike.

For a while now, I’ve been seeing the hashtag “relationship goals” pop up around, (which means it must be popular since I’m seeing it on the three sites I frequent) and had trouble really getting what was meant by the phrase.  I guess we all just want to be part of a fictional/celebrity/stereotypicallyyetimpossiblyperfect couple?

In other words, I didn’t really get it.

But, as I watched them ride their bikes through the park together on a sunny afternoon with the wind in the trees, him in a snazzy suit complete with pocket kerchief and her looking relaxed and casually lovely, I finally understand the term.  This was my #relationshipgoal.

Now if only I could find a guy to tap dance through my dreams, so we can start doing these important things together…

(I’ll be honest, this post is really just me gushing about Ginger Rogers’ style, nothing out of the ordinary)

(Fred Astaire can dance.  In case anyone has forgotten this fact, which I am ashamed to admit I had)


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