Love Story For a Friend

This is written in the characterized voice of a friend:


The sky is so bright today.  Bright and B E A Utiful!!

Oh my gosh, I have never seen that store before!  I probably shouldn’t go in.  It looks expensive.  But, clearance on shoes in the back?  Okay, maybe just for a few minutes.  I have to head home soon anyways because I’m hungry and can’t afford eating out in Chicago.

These heels are only thirty dollars!  I’ll just try them on.

Dang it, the 5 is too small and the 6 is too big.  If only they had a 5 1/2…  Oh well, I didn’t need to spend thirty dollars.

Wait.  Where is my purse?

*Running out of the store*

Did I leave it at the used book store?  *Goes in to check upstairs sitting area*

I am always in awe of floor to ceiling books.  No wonder my old roommate loved this place so much.  I wish we had come here together…  My dang purse isn’t here!

*Running out of store, panic slowly amping up*

I guess, maybe it’s at the cafe?  Dude, that place was so busy before, I’m going to hope nobody took it.  *Goes to check table in corner of cafe*

*Dude in early to mid twenties sitting there.  He wears glasses and might be a grad student.  He’s cute.*

Oh, um, sorry sir, but I was just sitting here a little while ago and….

~You forgot your purse?  *Takes purse out from under chair*  I was going to give it to a barista, but they were so busy I thought I would hide it for you until you came to claim it.  *Smiles*

Oh my gosh, thank you so so much.

~No problem, glad to help.

I wish I could do something for you in return…  *Notices empty mug*  Let me buy you a cup of coffee, any type you’d like *Glances uneasily at price sign*  as long as it isn’t too fancy.

~The only way I’d let you buy me coffee is if you let me buy yours.  *Smiles again.*

*Double smile*  That could be arranged…

*Two hours later, eating 4.75 dollar burritos together*  Wow, I can’t believe we found food this cheap in Chicago!  This is such a great day!

~Yeah, it really is.  *Reaches for her hand*

*Quadruple smiles, through the burritos*


They were married the next day.  No joke.

Okay, kind of joking.  The next day she was back in the shoe store, turn between purchasing a pair of heels (the kind that it’s impossible to run for your life in) to wear at the alter, or a pair of running shoes to run away from the bad decision she just made to marry a guy she met yesterday.

I’ll leave it for the reader to decide which pair she bought.


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