The Princess and Her Ladies ~Epilogue~

The Queen screamed.

And screamed.

And screamed again.

She raised her half empty glass threateningly towards the wall.

“Don’t break any more glasses Queenie.  Your allowance doesn’t budget for any more tableware.”

The speaker had entered the small cottage without ceremony, and now took both the glass and bottle from the beautiful, sloshed queen.

Another voice rang out, breaking the glare-filled silence that had filled the room after the glass stealer had left for the kitchen.  “Thank you for coming.  The queen has been this way since yesterday.  I think it was…”

“The announcement of the princess’ wedding?”  Tea had been made, and a tray was now brought out to the lovely queen.

The queen glared with bleary eyes at both speakers.  “I do not care a fig for that pasty-faced princess or anything that has to do with her.”

The tea was poured out and made to the queen’s particular taste.  “Would you care for any?”

“No, I do not think it is possible,” in the ornate mirror the second speaker held up a glass filled with star shine, “drinks from the between land are better regardless.  I even broke out a new bottle, it is not often we are together any more.”

The first speaker looked with interest at the glass in the mirror.  “I would love to visit the between land someday.”  The queen grumbled at the hot tea, but a muttered charm left it cool enough for her to sip.  The queen muttered about being treated like a child when she felt the two pairs of eyes following her movements. “I think right now it is more proper for me to share the pot of tea, so that our Queenie will not complain that I drugged her later.”

The queen’s lifted her eyes suspiciously at those words, but her two companions raised their differing cups to her, causing her to smile.  With that smile, for the moment she became the carefree Princess Priscilla once more, surrounded by her ladies.  And her ladies smiled back, in that moment neither confined by magical prisons or without identity, but loyal and correct as they had been.

It is a pity that moments end.  And with them, friendships fade as life continues unabated down strange, unforeseen paths.  So it was with Princess Priscilla and her ladies.  A moment of anger and pride had set the lovely and talented princess down the path of becoming a beautiful, powerful, and some say evil queen.  One whose disregard for the lives of others would become legendary.  A moment of ambition and selfishness made a lady in waiting a storyteller and mover, a loner in the woods without conscious or care.  A moment of noble idiocy had made the weakest of them a mirror to many worlds, an object that would be used and abused by the very master she sought to save.

We all have a story, and an evil queen, her magic mirror, and the mercenary servant in the woods are no different.

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