New Year Projects

Wow, I haven’t written ANYTHING this WHOLE YEAR.

(I refuse to apologize for the joke.)

I have been wanting to post for so long.  No joke, I have been thinking of topics and talking about them in my head for the past several weeks, but through the craziness of life, have not been in a position to write any of them.

The sad thing about this?  I have forgotten most of the lovely ideas I had to write.

I shall try to remedy this.

First thing this year, I want to share an updated list of my current writing projects for this blog:

  1. My Journeys with Jane series shall continue with reflections on Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Pride & Prejudice.  Get excited.
  2. New Series: Classics for Kids.  This series will consist of bedtime stories for children that are actually retellings of subplots from various classical novels.  Wondering what’s in the line-up?  “Look Before You Jump” featuring characters from Persuasion, “Fried Chicken” featuring subplots from Little Dorrit, and many more! If any of you have ideas for such stories, let me know!
  3. A new feature story now that Princess and Her Ladies has finished up.  I have yet to decide which of my several hand-written, untyped stories to upload here.  Should I keep with the fairytale theme, or switch it up to modern romance, mystery, or a simple, slice of life story?  I hope to decide soon, and will be publishing chapters here, as usual.
  4. I also want to start fleshing this blog out in the page sections.  I have many quotes and readings to share, if I would only take the time.


That is really all I have to say for now, I suppose I should return to my real life work and the mundanity of the universe apart from the internet…

Ah, it is always a dilemma, when I write I suppose there can be nothing more fun, yet living can be awfully exciting too!

Blessings, ye who wander here.  You’ve come across one wondering everywhere…


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