Love, February

The month of February holds one of my favorite holidays ~ Valentine’s Day.  Whether you are married, single, young, old ~ it doesn’t matter, as love encompasses all these.  And, in the words of my mother, if you think romantic love is the only love worth celebrating, you are an idiot.

To honor February and this month of love, I will hopefully share each day leading up to the 14th a thought, joke, vignette, or some such here on this blog.  To begin, today I will share a love story…


She laughed at the wind and barely stopped herself from skipping down the street.  The sky was grey and the trees leafless, yet she nearly tripped, so intent was she on admiring the upward view.

This was no adult, despite her age and professional clothing.

Yet the man smiled as he watched her go tripping down the sidewalk.  He had first noticed her irreverent manner when she stepped into the street to jaywalk, only to grab the pole for the bus stop sign and swing herself to safety at the unforeseen appearance of a car.

She had laughed at that.

She laughed when it happened again a moment later, this time her face flushing at her mistakes.  It didn’t stop her steps from being close to dancing.

He had followed her from then, her direction after all was his.  A good coincidence, or happy fate?  When she gazed at the sky he looked up, when her headphones had her mouthing song lyrics, he bobbed his head as well.  Somehow, it seemed he heard the music over the distance between them, though only the wind whistled and trains rattled.

When she turned the corner, he reluctantly continued straight.  But he allowed himself to hope he might see her again at the train station.

You see, he had never heard music quite like that before.


Love, February


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