Love, February ~ Day 3

Today I want to tell you a true story, dear readers.

It’s about a woman, whose name I do not know, and whose life I have only seen glimpses of, but who makes me believe more fully each time in love.

She works at the stop where I leave the train for my day job.  Every morning she stands outside of the gates, and says good morning to everyone leaving the station.  She greets us all cheerfully, brightly, as we trudge into the cold at 7 AM.  Hardly any answer her, but that does not change the tone of her voice, or the smile on her face.

I think this is an example of love, love for her job, love for the people she sees, love for life.  Even on rainy days, cold days, blizzard days.  Even when no one replies or acknowledges her welcome.  She still stands in that cold, impersonal train station, a pillar of warmth.

And I cannot help responding to her with a wave and a shouted good morning of my own over the din and the crowd.  She never fails to wave back.

In that moment, I think we are connected in love for our fellow people, love for being alive and celebrating that.

That’s my story for love this Wednesday, I hope you enjoyed it dear readers.

Love, February


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