Love, February ~ Day 4

For Friendship Day, I would like to give my dear readers a story of friendship love ~

Love, February


Once upon a time, there was a boss and her assistant.

The boss was whimsical, forgetful, yet talented with her work.

The assistant was practical, sassy, and kept her boss in line.

They worked well together, and were content with their lives, which mainly consisted interacting with each other.

Until one day when the boss when to see her doctor for headaches she had been having right behind her eyes, and was told to expect the worst.  The boss panicked, then calmed down, remembering she was more scared of heights than she was of dying, then panicked again when she thought of the many things she had to do before she died, and which she felt she must do as she had been given notice of the time left in which to do them.

The boss told no one of her news, it would only worry people, and she preferred to surprise them anyways.

Instead she made a list, a secret list, of the things she must do before dying, and began to undertake performing the whole list with her bemused, for her assistant was rarely surprised, assistant for a companion.  The assistant, used as she was to her boss’s singular style, was rather nonplussed when she began to do everything she had ever rashly promised to do, from flying the two of them to another country to see a random concert, ostensibly for business purposes, to skydiving (the skydiving was the hardest for the boss to complete, because of her fear she nearly nearly revealed all to her assistant as she cried tears of terror in the plane before jumping) to setting the assistant up on many, many blind dates.

This last activity the assistant hated the most.  She knew if she wanted she could easily find a man, as she knew most found her looks and spunkiness attractive.  Honestly, she found most guys boring after spending so much time with her unpredictable boss.  It was hard for her to imagine another relationship more precious than that with her older sister of a boss.

They were on a beach, where the boss had spent much time wading in the water trying to get prove once and for a all  that mermaids really did exist, when a passing man did not laugh or shake his head.  Instead, after listening to the assistant’s explanation of the woman in the water, he gravely stated his opinion that mermaids would not in all probability answer to yoohoos from a foreign woman wading still fully dressed in a purple ankle length dress.  The assistant glanced at the man, assessing him with practically and accurately.  She liked what she saw.

The boss saw this from the water and did a happy dance, which in her long dress led to her falling flailing into the water.  The assistant and her new friend laughed loudly when the boss stayed floating on her back in the water, telling them they saw nothing, and that the accident was really a happy one, as she was much more comfortable now.  To say nothing of the pain constantly and tiredly pricking behind her eyes, which she did not.

They stayed in that area for a longer time, the boss having decided to research the man to ensure he was the right one, before putting those two together.  The boss talked to his boss, coworkers, neighbors, and even researched what his favorite ice cream flavor was to ensure he was compatible with her beloved assistant.  Once everything was to her satisfaction, she bade her assistant goodbye and told her she wanted to go for a walk alone to look at seagulls.

The boss stayed out alone all night,  alternately sitting and walking along the beach as she quietly cried for the things on the list she could never complete.  The boss would never be a bridesmaid in her assistant’s wedding, never be a crazy aunt to her assistant’s children, never have the joy of a full head of white hair, never find a lovable someone to love her, never hold a child of her own, never grow old, never do the normal things in life that she had always longed for.  It’s better this way, she told herself, if I had lived long enough to make a family of my own and then die, well, then think of how sad I would be making them.  There would be that many more people to worry over me, and to be made sad.  I never want to make anyone sad.

Dawn the next morning found her waking up her assistant, telling her she had missed a delightful night of stargazing.  The boss and her assistant went back home, where a few weeks later the boss quietly announced her condition, resigned from her job, and obediently started the regime that her doctor had prescribed as best for her condition.  The assistant kept in touch with the man met on the beach and met with him again, the result of which involved one of them moving, and the boss smiled a smile that seemed to hold no regrets.

For as long as the people around her were happy, her smile couldn’t be otherwise.


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