Love, February ~ Day 5

Dear readers,

Today I am feeling rather out of character, so I shall simply rant.  Don’t expect anything too coherent.

Love is patient, love is kind.  So the Bible says.

Love is also messy and confusing.

It hurts.

It makes me fly.

And it makes me drown.

To love someone is to put yourself in their power.  To give yourself over to them entirely.  Whether this is with family, friends, or lovers, it still holds true.  To love them is to give them power over you.

For you in your love will do anything for them, and they will disregard or take advantage of this according to their whim or avarice.

Love is dangerous.

But without love, life would be empty.  Colorless.  The sky would be boring and the wind without whispers.  Love breathes life into the world.

I suppose it is for this reason I believe in God.  For God is love.  He is the great I AM, and He is the one who makes life worth living.  He makes the flowers bloom and the snow fall.  He gives the life that I love.  And it is only with that life that I am able to love.

So I love.

Even though it hurts.  Even though my heart bursts and breaks.  Even though I will never have all the love in my heart reciprocated.  Because I know there is One who feels the same, who has expended even more love than me and is even less likely to have all that love returned.

So I love for the of the One as well as for my own.  For if He has taught me anything, it is that life is meant to be given away in love.

Love, February.


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