Love, February ~ Day 8

Dear readers,

I’m quite sick today.  I do not want to work or play.

I have wrapped myself in blankets strategically so that I still can reach my tea and the keys of my computer whilst staying warm.  Such wrapping ability is a skill I tell you.

There is a type of love I appreciate most in this state, and since my brain is not functioning well enough for me to recall a word to sum it up in, I shall seek to describe it to you instead.

This is the kind of love you feel when warm broth pools in your stomach on a cold day, spreading warmth to your tippy toes.

It is the kind of love that you feel when you huddle with your friends to protect each other from rain or cold.  The kind of love that will get hit in the face with a snowball, before sharing a mug of cocoa.

It’s the love you feel when you are able to hide your misery from the world, but your best friend takes you aside later to ask what is wrong.

It’s the love you feel when you are home alone and hearing monsters and villains at every window and door, but your dog curls up at your feet, growling at every shadow that would dare to harm you.

It’s the love you feel when you lie down, exhausted from a long dreary day, but are awoken by a call from a best friend or close family.  And you are so happy to have a moment with them that you are only slightly annoyed they are delaying your sleep.

I think my best definition of this kind of love right now is that it is like a hug without words.

Love, February


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