Love, February ~ Day 11

Dear readers, do you ever find yourself in love with a place you’ve never been, a person you’ve never met?

I have.  All the time if I’m honest.

It happens so easily, mainly through books for me.  I am just cruising along, singing a song when suddenly ~

The murmur of the fallen creeds
Like winds among the wind-shaken reeds
Along the banks of holy Nile

And that’s it.  I’m hooked.  And I spend the next fifteen years of my life longing for the land of Egypt.  Or jolly old England.  Or the shinto shrines of Japan.  Or the color and dust of India.

Dang it books, I’m supposed to be content with where I am.

Or you fall in love with a person, for me usually through their writing.  Or perhaps through the stories others tell of their charity, their humility, their humor, their awkwardness, their intellect.  And thump thumb ba dump goes your heart.

Neither of these loves is romantic necessarily, I would call the latter friend crushes if forced to define them.  You could almost say that I see in that land or person the potential for a kindred spirit that I could spend hours and years getting to know.

So, perhaps admiring love?  Love from afar?  I really am not sure how to define this love I feel for people and things I have never met in person.  But I know it is as real a love as that which I feel for pizza and star shine.  And that is enough for me.

Love, February


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