Love, February ~ Day 12

In the words of the White Rabbit, I’m late I’m late I’m late.

To make up for this late posting, dear reader today I am going to talk more personally than usual.  Why?  Because today’s topic is self love, and my excuse for being late is a prime example as to why we shouldn’t shrug off taking care of ourselves.

You see, this week my stupid negligence of myself resulted in a trip to the emergency room, and another lecture on the need to care for myself if I expect to care for others.

It is a lesson I never learn.

As anyone who reads this blog will realize, I am all about loving the people, places and things in this crazy marvelous world.  But I suppose I often think caring for myself a silly trifle, something to consider if I have time. Loving myself?  That’s something I have a hard time doing.  It’s much more important I feel to love others, to care for them, ensure their comfort and wellbeing.  I am an afterthought, at most.

The first time I ever thought of the necessity for self love was several years ago, when a speaker at church said that, unless we love ourselves, the phrase “love your neighbor as yourself” is meaningless.  We cannot hate and neglect ourselves if we believe in loving humanity, because we are each human as well.  Just as others need my care, so do I.  And neglecting my health will impair my strength to care for others.

I am not saying we need to each love ourselves the most, far from it.  But we shouldn’t hate or ignore the bodies and personalities we were given.  My self is what I have to offer others, so I should treat it as a good gift.

Dear Reader, you should too.  You are a gift to the people around you, treat yourself with care even as you use yourself to love them.

Love, February


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