Love, February ~ Day 14

Ah, the final day has come.

I know, I know, some of you are muttering “Finally! This chick is finally going to shut up!”

I am going to end with a listing of my favorite love scenes from films and tv shows for you to enjoy.  Enjoy the warm and fuzzies.

10. I’ll start with the best: Mr. Darcy proposing to Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice).

9. Next, will you have a love song masters? From Shakespeare? (Twelfth Night).

8. What would such a list be without my favorite teenage couple? (Whisper of the Heart).

7. Beautiful, lovely, and magical.  La belle et la bete.

6. Dear readers, let me be your wings? (Thumbelina).

5. The thing I love most about these two is how straight forward they are.  (Wives and Daughters).

4. Would a list be complete without at least one nod to friendship that leads to love?  This Bollywood song tells just such a story. (Mujhse Dosti Karoge)

3. The age old question: do you love someone because of how great they are, or do you perceive them as great because of how much you love them?  I don’t know, and neither does Cinderella.

2. Such a sweet scene, it really gives you the feeling of a couple just falling in love. (Cheese in the Trap).

1. And I shall end this list with a scene from one of my favorite rom-coms. (The Wedding Date)


Dear readers, with that I have come to the end of my Love, February series.  I have greatly enjoyed this chance to reflect on love in all its myriad aspects this month.  Love is grand, foolish, and beautiful.  To love well is a skill indeed, requiring timing, circumstances, and in some cases love goddesses at your side.

I wish we all to not only love well, but better each day.

Love, February


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