March In Like a Lion

And that, dear friend,
Is how childhood ends;

With a distrust of men
And never knowing when

You can look at the sky,
And try your best to fly.

When you can’t show fear
Or lose that confident veneer

It becomes so very hard
To play a different card

Instead of flying, on you walk
Playing it safe, never making a mark.

When you were a child
You could never be mild

You marched in like a lion
Roared as you went on

Gambled like a millionaire
Laughed loudly into the air

Jumped without looking first
Flew without thinking the worst.

But childhood is over now
Without a bang or cartoonish pow

Cynical mundanities overwhelm
Magic is not in this realm

But remember dear friend
The days before the end

And March in like a lion again,
Try to fly despite the rain

Learn to trust, learn to gamble
As forwards in life together we’ll amble.


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