Introverted Love Story

Dear Readers, I recently had an idea for a sitcom:

The main characters will be a girl and her cat, and it will be called “Young Cat Lady” or just “Cat Lady.”  The girl is very content staying in with her cat most days, but is a social, productive person otherwise.  She has roommates with boyfriends, and they get exacerbated often over the cat lady life she chooses.
This would be an example of a scene:

The roommate’s boyfriend is about to leave when he notices the main character sitting in the living room playing cards by herself. He smiles politely and tells her it’s so nice she has a friend. She agrees, holding up the deck of cards which was a recent present from a friend, but he cuts her off. “No, I meant your cat,” pointing at the feline she hadn’t noticed next to her, “you’ll always have someone with you with her.” the cat lady agreed, but was kind of taken aback. Later, she asks the cat if she looks surprisingly un-lonely for a single girl…

The cat does not speak, but the other characters often end up in one-sided conversations with it, even those who are cat haters.  Much of the exposition for the viewers occurs through these conversations.

Regarding a love interest, he often has to compete with her cat for attention.  Conflict and humor come in the struggle between his extroverted nature versus her introverted nature.

It would be a cute love story.  An Introverted Love Story.


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