Sunshine and Sleepiness

Dear Readers,

I’m afraid I have been sadly remiss in my communication with both you and friends, family and random strangers (scratch that last part, I find I have become more comfortable conversing with strangers lately).

I am so sleepy these days.  The sun has finally appeared in my city, and it’s warmth calls to me like a sunny patch of carpet calls to a cat.  In other words, I long for naps.

The sun shines on buildings, some new, many old.  It shines on construction, current and abandoned.  It shines on buses and cars, gas stations and groceries.  Broken sidewalks and busy pedestrians.  They are all covered in its warmth.

Yet the shadows still persist in this city.  They catch me unawares, causing me to shiver and reach for a coat.  It’s amazing the difference in temperature between the two different sides of the same street.

I smile as I watch the constant flux of people.

The parents anxiously caring for their small children, wrapped up in the little world of planes and trains, pastels, snack time and nap time.

The students with too heavy backpacks, eager to play, earbuds always in, glad to delay all they can.

The workers, dressed in uniform of polo shirts or pencil skirts, either not caring or forced to care far too much, they seem tired.

The sun shines, and instead of lifting their heads like the grass and the flowers, we all seem to droop.  Our shoulders sag as our eyelids close.  The cold that has kept us alert is gone, and we struggle to stay awake as the lazy, muggy days take over.

With a sigh, I turn from the park I longed for, and cross the street.  To stay awake, I must stay cold, and so remain in the shadows.

Maybe one day I can experience warmth, and stay in the light.


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