Binge Watching


Dear readers, have you ever binge watched a show online or on tv?

I have not been as busy lately as the summer.  I have had work to do, yes, but I have also been able to take up my old habit of binge watching tv series.

What do I binge watch?  Mainly asian dramas, if I’m honest, though the occasional mystery or musical show will catch my interest.

What is binge-ing?  It’s when you can’t stop watching a show, and just keep going through episode after episode, unable to tear your eyes away from the screen.  You just have to know what will happen next, if this couple will get together, if that character will get his comeuppance, if this character will succeed.

I admit it is not the healthiest habit, or the most social, but I think it is what I have needed lately.  For me, I binge only when I am invested in the story, the characters, and I want to spend as much time possible with them on their journey.  I tend to live in my head, with characters from both my own stories and those I read or watch.  I devour stories for the people and the moments that help me to realize the humanity of us all, and the hope that it gives for kindness, goodness and love to win over the evil we each carry.  I need that hope in my life.  And it is so much easier sometimes to get that hope from a story than to take it forcibly from friend or family.

I guess you could call my binge watching a refueling of sorts.  A refueling of my hope.  As I hide in my apartment, reading and watching, playing music that is too horrible for anyone else to hear, I am readying myself to give hope to others again.

That’s prolly looking way too deeply into tv watching, but I refuse to apologize for my over analytic nature.

Once I am fully charged, I will go out once again, to share my hope instead of taking it.  Until then, wait for me friends.  I just have a few more episodes to get through.


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