Dear Reader,

Today I was told that, when first met, I gave off the impression of drifting alone in the world.  Drifting alone…

Like a dandelion seed, born as part of a beautiful whole but blown away by the wind and twirling slowly, drifting through the wind, with only the final fall to earth to look forward to.

I stand alone as the wind blows about.  As a child I let it toss me about here and there, delighted at being swept away with leaves and rain.  As an adult I scramble constantly for some ground to plant myself, despite the rocks and competing seeds.  The wind continues to carry me even as I put up a facade of stability.

Will I ever find a spot to put forth roots?  Or will I learn to again love the wind?  Will I find others drifting beside me?

I’m not sure if these questions have any answers ~ but maybe one day I won’t need to ask them.



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