Run Away

Do you ever just want to run away?  To just be done with it all, toss your well organized schedule aside and run as fast as you can, into the sky, into the earth, into the trees bordering the usual world.

I want to run away.  I want to run so fast no one will ever catch me, speeding alongside the wind and laughing into rain and sunshine alike.  But I never can, and never will.  I am too slow, and the life I live, all its cares and worries, catches me before I lift my foot.  I try to shake them away, but they hold me fast to the ground, to the path I’m on.

But how I long to run.  I tell myself I must only wait, that if I wait long enough the path will loose its hold on me.  Its hold is pernicious and mundane, the hold of debt, money, education, job.  Its the hold of friends and family that keeps me sundered to the path whether I will or no.  But perhaps if I wait the debt will lessen, the people will look away, and I will run as I have always longed to.  Run into the sunset stained with red and never look back towards the path, but keep on until the trees take me and keep me, and I grow new roots that let me fly even as I stay on earth.

I don’t want to abandon the world, I just wish it was wider.


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