Love, February 2017

Hello loves,

Today is February first, and I’ve decided to continue a series I started last year ~ Love, February.

Now, the concept for Love, February is to celebrate Valentine’s Day by filling the fourteen days leading up to it with stories about love.  And not just romantic love, but any love.  Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, not because of the romance and chocolate, (well, partly because of the chocolate), but because it is a day for us to celebrate love in all its forms in our lives.  Family love, friendship love, pizza love, you know, the important ones.  Each day until Valentine’s I plan to write a post, true or fictional, about love in all its myriad glory.

If any one wants to share their own stories of love, type them in the comments, and we can work on creating a community dedicated to finding both the big and the small moments of love in life.

Without further ado, here is my first story for Love, February 2017, a meet cute about two people:


The wind nipped harshly at her nose, and she snuggled farther down into her endless wraps of scarfs and hats and jackets.  Just try and scare me away, she dared the wind.

Behind her, he sighed.  Why won’t this woman walk any faster?  It was cold out and he wished to reach his destination as quickly as possible.  Each time they passed a junction he wished she would turn a different way.

She frowned.  A man had been following her for several blocks now.  She willed her steps to stay at a regular pace.  She was not frightened, she was a strong independent woman, just as she had told her friends when she refused their gift of pepper spray when she moved to the city.  Fingering her keys in her pocket, she cursed her arrogance.

That’s it, he’s going to be late.  All because of this one incredibly slow woman.  If only the sidewalk wasn’t so narrow, and their winter jackets so bulky, and the cars on the street going so fast.  Aha, he noticed the path widen as it neared a building.

She heard the man quicken his steps, and braced herself.  Once he was upon her, she pushed him roughly away and screamed, though the wind took her scream and left it a whisper.  Wide eyed the man faced her.  She tensed for a fight, raising her arms in front of her.

What the heck is this lady doing?!  Does she think I’m going to mug her?!  He put his own hands up in surrender.  “I’m just trying to pass you by,”  she opened her frightened eyes, “I work here,” he waved one of his hands towards the building now behind him, “I’m running late,” he finished lamely, with an anxious glance at his watch.

“You work here?  But I’ve never seen you on this path before, and I walk it every morning at this time.”  Her exasperation overcame her fear, and her stance relaxed.  “I also work here, in the accounts department,” she nodded her head towards the building in a final, defiant sort of way.

“That’s because I usually drive!  Who willingly walks when it’s this cold out?”

“Then why didn’t you drive today?”

“Because my brother borrowed my car, and I figured it would be okay to try making the walk to work as a nice change.”  He took a deep breath, he was still frustrated by what a pushover he had been concerning his car the night before.  “I work in the copy writing department, so I doubt you would’ve seen me before.”  He realized the easy way to settle this, and reached into his pocket.  The woman took up her fighting stance again, but this time he laughed.  “See, here is my employee ID.  Name, department, everything.  Can I go now?  I really am running late.”

She suspiciously took the ID from him, more because she wanted to justify her embarrassing actions earlier than that she still feared him.  “Huh, this is an awful photo of you, ” she said, comparing it to his face.  “You are much better looking in person you know,” she said conversationally as she handed him the ID back.  She smiled in what she hoped was a winning way.  “Let’s just forget this ever happened.  It’s rather embarrassing, I admit, I acted like a crazy person and I apologize.  Though I won’t say it won’t happen again.”  She laughed.

He blushed.  “Alright then, I’ll be going.  Maybe I’ll see you around later then.  Since we, you know, work together.”

She laughed, awkwardly, and agreed, all the while hoping desperately to never see the object of this embarrassing story again.  Though, as they both walked through separate entrances into the same building, he was rather cute.


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