Love, February ~ Day 2, 2017

Hello loves,

It’s day two of Love, February, and today’s post is about loving the minutiae, the mundane.  (Mundanity is a running theme through this blog I guess).  A constant, everyday life should be cherished, in that we tend to never realize what we have and the love that is in our hands until after it has gone.  So here’s to the everyday, normal sorts of love, that are quieter than epic romances, but no less vital to life.


Coming home ~ another long day.  I had to turn around when I was nearly there, and back track to the grocery store.  I didn’t want to, but there would be nothing for dinner otherwise, and I knew once I was back I wouldn’t go out again.

Coming up to the house, groceries in one hand, purse slung over my shoulder, I fumble for the keys.  The house I enter is empty, and I sigh, releasing a long breath that I didn’t know I was holding.  I put away the groceries, and slide into a crouch on the floor of the kitchen. My head in my arms, another long day.

Something warm and fuzzy brushes against my arms, my legs, tickles my face with whiskers.  Ignoring my fatigue, the cat purrs loudly to demand my attention, and I can’t help but smile.  She follows me as a I stand, and I swoop her into my arms laughingly, she kneads her claws in my shoulder, and I feel that love does sting sometimes.

A while later, the door rattles open, and I look up from where I cuddle on the couch, a book in one hand with the other curled around the calico cat.  My roommate halloos once she enters, the apartment is small but the many doorways and walls make it easy to seem alone.  Everyday is hug a J day here, my flatmate says, as she always does, before wrapping me in a hug.  She is affectionate and kind, and I love her for her warmth.  Soon all four of us are home, and I return to the couch, content with the sound of laughter and chatter that comes when you fill this small but cozy space.  As I wrap myself in a blanket and return to my book, my cat by my side and my friends nearby, I think of how filled with love and warmth this place really is, no matter how mundane and it looks on the outside.


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