Love, February ~ Day 4, 2017

Loves, today I want to talk about one of the greatest loves of my life, one that makes me grateful to be a human being with needs because when those needs are met, boy is life satisfying.

That’s right, I’m talking about food.  Since there are some many aspects to food that I can wax on and on about, preparing food, growing food, smelling food, look at food, eating food…  umm, where was I again?  So sorry, I got lost in images of pancakes and fruit dancing in my head…  Ahem.  Anyways, I decided I would just write about one specific food item today, and maybe revisit the topic later, when I’m not so hungry.


Oh the masterpiece of life
The pungent and flavorful
Joy giver

Oh, to eat cheese ~
whether it’s sharp cheddar
succulent goat
or tangy gouda

People often laugh at my love for cheese, at my excitement, my joy when I get to eat cheese.  It has often been a present from those who know me even a little.  Goat cheese is one I get particularly fanatical about, its unique taste one I crave.  It lifts me up when I am down, and makes me happy even when there is too much to be sad about.

I’m glad to be human when I eat cheese.  I’m content with my life when the prospect of a good cheese is on the horizon.  It’s a love I can share with others too ~ uniting across age and gender when a nice brie is on the table.  That’s the best part about food, sharing it.  Sharing that love with others is the most lovely way to live I think.  And if goat cheese is involved, man.  That’s a love everyone should get behind.



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