Love, February ~ Day 6, 2017

Philomath ~ Lover of Learning

Philomathy, love of learning, has defined my life since I learned to read.  My sister still complains of how I ignored her in favor of books from pre-school days, that books were my world instead of reality.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing.  It colors the complexity and simplicity of the world.  With it you can appreciate both the beauty of flowers and their structure and function, how they purposefully attract birds and bees and yet bring fragrance and grace.  Knowledge of how difficult it was to discover something now considered simple makes me respect all those who came before, the philosophers, the scientists, the poets.

Reading more and more, even of fictional stories and people, I learn more and more of humanity and the world, and all there is I still don’t understand.

For knowledge has an essential component, learning, my favorite part.  I remember there was a time when I had stopped taking joy in knowledge, I was weary of studying, cramming facts and figures into my brain.  It was necessary, and became a chore I detested.  But then I went to a place I had dreamed of since childhood, Oxford University.  My dreams to study there began from an author’s note (Roger Green’s, if you’re curious) describing their time at Oxford.  I became enamored with the libraries in the city of dreaming spires, and, when I was twenty, fulfilled my dream and left my schooling in America to study history there.

Studying history at that seat of knowledge, I finally understood how much knowledge there is in the world, and how little I know of it.  And that is a beautiful, wonderful, stupendous thing, because I can know spend the rest of my life learning ever more and ever more.  I fell so deeply in love with learning, and reaffirmed my love for reading more profoundly than I thought possible.

Like any love, it must needs keep the fire going.  I regularly read fiction and philosophy outside of my regular studies and work to fan the flame between learning and me.  I talk of learning with friends, to remind myself of a love that drives my choices and my life.

It is so joyous to love learning, love the process of living, the exciting potential of all the things you do not yet know.



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