Love, February ~ Day 12, 2017

Have I told you of my lover?  His name is Sleep.

I am quite dependent on him, I can’t go a day without spending at least a third of my 24 hours with him.  At night, when I return home from a long day of work, he becomes to me.  But I have to abstain, I have to finish the cooking, the cleaning, the housework, before I allow myself the bliss of his company.  I hate to leave Sleep in the morning, he is so comforting and cozy, I long to be lazy and stay in bed with him.  I love my days off mainly because I get to spend more quality time with Sleep, he’s a very entertaining fellow, especially when I’m with him long enough for him to go through a full REM cycle.  It’s kind of his thing.  It’s one of the reasons I love him.

Our relationship isn’t perfect, oh no.  Sometimes he calls me when I’m at work, or studying, or when I’m supposed to be spending time with other people.  It’s exhausting when he calls, because he knows how torn I get between choosing him and choosing a social life.  I’ve had friends make fun of me for how much time I spend with him, and when I’ve tried to date other guys I have always ended up back with him, because none of them can compare.  He does ruin my reading time too, when he just creeps on me while I’m deep in a novel.

But I can’t go long without him.  If I haven’t seen him at all, or only for a few short, sweet minutes, it ruins the next several days for me.  I am like a zombie without his consistent presence in his life.  He recharges, he keeps me going.  And I love Sleep so.  I’m actually going to spend as much time as possible with him once I post this.

The main bummer is I know Sleep is seeing most of my friend’s as well.  You could Sleep… is Sleeping around.  😀


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