Love, February ~ Day 14, 2017

Loves,  I realized I never finished the last day of Love, February.  I’m afraid life got away from me.

I’m going to write a short love story, before I go back to the boredom of everyday work.  I hope this series was at least reminiscent of love for those reading ~


It had been such a long day.  She walked quickly, though her legs shook under her and her mind buzzed unpleasantly.  Her body felt like the fuzzy screen of a frozen computer, glitching in the fading sunlight.  She hoisted her backpack farther up her shoulder, and attempted to put on her gloves while juggling her empty thermos between her hands.  She didn’t trust that the thermos would not leak tea on her computer and papers, and so kept the battered thing out of her bag.  It did make commuting more awkward, but there was no need to…

Someone ran into her.

One glove flew into the air while the other remained half on.  The poor thermos skidded down the sidewalk with a bang and a clack.  The woman let her arms just fall, tired to her side.  Of course this happened.  After a moment she began looking for her glove, nodding her head and waving away the apologies of the man who ran into her.  He left, and she finally found where the glove had fallen into the curb.  Sighing, she dusted off the grime, she’d wash it at home.

Now time to hunt down that blasted thermos.  Looking around, she found it shoved in her face by the man who had knocked into her.  His face was flushed, and he apologized again.  She noticed he also had a backpack on, the glasses and attire of a student.

“I really am sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”  It really wasn’t a big deal.  “I can replace your thermos.”  Ah, the poor, maligned thermos.  There was now a large dent in the side.  “I can give you money for it now, I’m so sorry.”

She smiled at him reassuringly.  “Ah, no worries.  Seriously, see all these other dents?  I’ve dropped it many times, it’s just a cheap thermos after all.”  She waved the abused container in his face, and he finally smiled back at her, uncertainly.

He scratched his head, “I still want to pay you back, cheap or not that was your thermos,” he got out his phone, “give me your number and I can send you cash later.”  She laughed at that.  “At least let me buy you tea to make up for it.”

“How do you know it was tea and not coffee?”

He smiled, this time with confidence, “I think I can tell smell earl gray even if it’s spilled on the sidewalk.”

“Well, how about this, if we run into each other again you can buy me tea.  Don’t worry, I will hold you to it.”  The woman smirked, and started walking away.

“Wait, but what if we don’t run into each other again?”  He seemed genuinely disappointed.

Her smirk grew, and she was glad she had passed him.  Composing her face, she turned back.  “Then just count us even.”  She waved her hand at him and kept walking, somehow revived.  Attractive, polite guys and the chance of tomorrow have a way of doing that.

It was only then as he watched her walk away that he noticed she wore the same school ID as him on his backpack.


Love, February


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