Do you ever get scared?  Jump at the smallest noise, heart go into overdrive when surprised?

I get scared a lot.  Nearly everyday it seems at this stage of my life.  I get scared when I’m home alone, I get scared when the doorbell rings at night and no one is expected, I get scared at knocks and bumps I hear as I try to sleep at night.  I get scared when someone comes up behind me, I scurry away when someone appears suddenly.

I get scared over other things too, like when a friend is hurting and I’m afraid they might do something stupid.  I get scared when I get in fights with family, terrified at the idea I might have lost their love.  I get scared when I see people alone.  I get scared when I see them in pain.

I get scared when I watch scary movies.  I get scared at life.

When I’m scared, there are things that comfort me:
My kitten ~ so cuddly, warm, and reassuring.
My sister ~ only a phone call away (when she picks up)
An old movie ~ I just watched the Lady Eve with Barbara Stanwick and Henry Fonda
Music ~ something bright like Katzenjammer
Prayer ~ the Lord is much bigger than the boogeyman.

All this to say, it’s okay to be scared.  But it’s important to remember what is bigger and even more true than fear, and that is love.

PS:  God is bigger than the boogey man ~ He’s bigger than godzilla or the monsters on tv. Oh God is bigger than the boogeyman, and He’s watching over you and me.   (all credit to the copious amounts of Veggietales I watched as a child)


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