Ten Years From Now

I was talking with a friend dear reader, about what would be in ten years.  What we wish would be, what we wish would be gone.

In my head, I’m in a little apartment.  In my head, there are potted plants at least, a garden ideally.  In my head, my cat is still with me, and a big floppy dog has joined us.  In my head, I’m working at a community non profit, using my grad degree to do what I always wanted.

The work is draining, the house small, but the home full of warmth.  I work all day caring for people, and return at night to books and cooking, knitting and phone calls with family and friends.

In my head, I am an unofficial aunt to many of the girls and boys in the neighborhood.  My home is a safe place for them to play with animals and read books.  We have pizza making parties on the weekends, I’m teaching them how to cook.  In my head, I have friends who visit for tea, and whom I can always rely on to watch my pets and water my plants.

It might be a simple dream, and I might not know where in the world it will be, but it’s what I work towards.  It’s what I remind myself of on days when I’m not sure why I work as much as I do, why I study, why I push myself.  I do not run towards this dream, that might shatter its peace, but I am walking without slowing towards it.


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