Happiness, dear readers, is a bowl of lentils.

The recipe for perfect, incandescent happiness reads as follows:

Chop half a large onion and a carrot or two, and some celery if you have it.  Put them in a pot just covered with water, and turn the stove on high.  Let them quickly boil for a bit (or sweat as my mum calls it).

Add seasonings ~ you can use whatever you like best, but I add lots of garlic powder, black pepper, curry powder, ginger, sometimes bay leaves, cumin, etc.  Add until it feels right to you.

Once the onions look more translucent, add dry lentils.  Again, just eye ball it until the ratio of lentils to onions to carrots looks right.  Add much more water at this point too, as the lentils will soak it up as they cook.

Put a lid on it, and allow it boil for a bit.  If you’re making soup, add even more water.  If curry, less water is needed.  It’s ready when the lentils are soft but still have texture.


I was raised on lentils.  I didn’t even like them as a kid, but my parents made me eat them by saying I could only have biscuits (which I did like if I could put jam on them) if I ate some of the soup.

Now when I eat lentils, I’m back home.  My mom is nagging me, my brothers eating everything in sight.  When I eat lentils, I’m safe.  When I eat lentils, I remember the different hands that made them for me throughout my life.  I feel loved when I eat lentils, and I feel very happy.  It’s something I’m rather protective of, my lentils.

They are also a very cheap meal, which I appreciate now that I am on my own, hehe.

PS no worries if the recipe doesn’t work for you, I still can’t make them as well as my mother.

PPS pro tip ~ eat the lentils with a dollop of hummus on top.  You won’t regret it ^_^


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