Day #6&7, 2020, Love, February

Day 6 was utterly horrible, and I hate that you had a terrible awful no good day more than that I had one.

Does it make me a bad person that I sort of love that we had them together?  That unanswered text in my pocket, telling me how upset you were, told me too that I wasn’t so horribly alone as I failed at everything.

I particularly love that, as we commiserated later through (my) tears and (your) beer we both inexplicably went for Thai food.  Despite neither of us saying a word about it as we ranted over the phone from several states away.

Here’s to personal attacks on our characters, to failing at not crying, to Thai food, and us both urging the other on “because you’re perfect & people suck & tomorrow is a new day.”

And that too makes me cry, because you’re alive you’re alive we’re alive somehow we’re ALIVE and we have new days and won’t stop going forwards.

Love, February

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