Day #7, 2020 ~ Love, February

Day 7 Second Post ~ To Make Up For All The Failure Yesterday

I’m still trying to love you, still trying to be your friend.
I don’t know half of the time, what being a friend to you means.

Today it meant finally forcing you out of bed after 1 pm, yesterday it meant buying takeout so you wouldn’t skip another meal.
It means making you tea, and opening the windows, no matter how much you don’t want to acknowledge that the world is still moving.
It’s letting you cry, but making you focus on doing your taxes after.
It’s making you put pen to paper, but assuring you that, no matter the challenge, you don’t actually have to share any of the words you’re holding so tightly to.
It’s forcing you to call a friend.
It’s making you talk, eat, drink, take a walk.

I hate you and you hate me.
I’ve barely ever been your friend.

But I have to be a friend to you, after all, I promised you, myself, to keep going.


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