A Letter to the Void

Dear friend,

I’m afraid it’s been a long time since I wrote ~ this world has been quite mad as of late.  Even as the mundanities of adult life overwhelm me, the shifts at work, the feeding of myself & cats, the cleaning, the bills, etc., etc., ad infinitum, I need to stop and realize outside my solitary apartment people have been hurt, and are hurting.  The world keeps spinning, even as it burns, a firebird alive somehow within the flames.

I’m sorry, if I’m not making much sense.  It’s 2 am at work and I’m taking a break from the world, the patients, the coworkers, the drips, the cleaning, the sickness, the breathing, the death.  I need to take a deep breath myself, and for me sometimes that means putting pen to paper and just writing writing writing, filling the smooth white surface with squiggly black lines that tell me I am here, I exist, I think therefore I am.

I don’t even know who would like this letter, I just realized.  Another for my friend the void.

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