Light Through Clouds

Never what you expect, the way light cuts through shadow, made both more brilliant and yet tinted with the darkness it parts.

You’ve seen it, surely.  On a rainy day, when a stray bit of sunlight escapes through the clouds, illuminating the rain drenched trees and streets, and nonchalantly lifting the spirits of even us most devoted rain lovers.

There is a sun beam brightening my rainy days, but like that through my window, it is tinted with shadow.  I can’t bring myself to trust it.  It is lovely to look at, and daydream about the path it might point out, especially when it brightens brilliantly and makes you believe in heaven.

But that’s only for a moment.

I don’t want to say I’m testing the sunlight.  Consciously I could never argue with the planetary movements.  Still, as I follow the path it seems to outline, a rocky, steep downhill after an ascent that has left me weary to the bone, I bring my umbrella.  If I consciously forget it, it will be to say that I’m not disappointed if I do get drenched again.

I think I’m getting used to the rain.

Or maybe I just hope so.

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