A nutshell containing myself

There isn’t much to say about myself.  My name starts with a J and ends with an A, and is quite un-extraordinary.

I’ve never written a blog before.  It’s funny, I’ve often told others before, when they extolled the virtues of blogs or tried to convince me to start one, that I never would.  There is no need, I would say, for people to know about my life unless I told them.

But this blog is not about my life, personal interests or issues.  It’s for thoughts random and fleeting.  Butterflies of thoughts which I wish to capture and pin down, as barbaric as that sounds.

Anything more about myself you will prolly learn if you make the decision (a horrible choice really (though I do appreciate it of course)) to read my posts.  My blessings upon you and your descendants if you so choose.

Blessings Internet Wanderers.


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