Lazy Morning

This morning I am going to be lazy.

I stubbornly stayed in bed long after I woke, cuddling my kitty, I couldn’t even be bothered to dream.

Now I’m stretched out upon my red red couch, tea within reach, facing the window where trees and cars and red brick buildings fill the frame.  There are birds singing, if you listen past the noisy morning traffic.

I stretch my arms high when I yawn, I’ll work at some point today.  But for now I want to enjoy the feel of an unhurried morning, that I don’t have to bustle or hustle.

I suppose I’m quite the loafer, lazing around like this.  Sometimes I get stressed and worried, comparing myself to others that seem to do so much.  Often I feel I need to apologize if I spend time doing nothing much besides staring at trees and listening to the world.

But right now, I feel unrepentantly at ease.  So I shall sit and listen to the world for a bit longer, before I’m dragged back into being a part of it.

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